Katie Colford

"Do You Read Me"

Paprika! Volume 7
Fall 2021
Coordinating Editors: Claudia Ansorena, Christopher Pin, Saba Salekfard

For the Fall 2021 volume of the student-run publication Paprika!, I maintained a recurring column called “Do You Read Me?” that aimed to use humor as a way of cutting through academic jargon while thoughtfully communicating something about the discipline of architecture. In five columns, plus a columnist statement, I offered a critique of architectural pedagogy centered on language—drawing out the humor in the words we use, who understands them, and how similar or different they are from the way other disciplines use them.

1. "Introduction"

2. "The Moment Before Hiring, as Narrated By Your Portfolio PDF"

3. "Definitional Divergence: Architects vs. Everyone Else"

4. "Quiz: Do My Parents Understand My Studio Project?"

5. "Internaional Climate Summit or Architecture School?"